"Springer Benefits works with me like they are my business partner, helping me to evaluate the plethora of sometimes confusing options in order to make better benefits decisions."
- Jeff Crist

 Crist Consulting Group


Benefits Evaluation & Audit

We analyze which benefits are currently offered, determine the most important aspects of the coverage from the employer's perspective, and discuss what benefits you might like to add. We thoroughly investigate the trends within your existing coverage. For example, has the company been eliminating benefits because of cost increases or have they been transferring the cost increases onto the employees. We also review the company's claims experience and claims history (if applicable.)

Renewal Planning & Analysis

Spring Benefits believes the renewal process is the most important step in maintaining a comprehensive employee benefits program. Our renewal process is designed to ensure our client's ever-changing needs are met with each plan renewal. We take into consideration any benefit design changes, anticipated rate changes, and changes with carriers or the industry and analyze competitive alternatives.

Vendor Negotiation

A well-planned implementation process is essential to the success of your benefits program. When we engage in the process of negotiating your vendor contracts, we will state specifically what is required for your situation with the objective of getting the most cost-effective plan with the best service.

Benefits Administration Outsourcing

By turning the complex tasks of benefit administration over to an outside consulting firm, you cut costs, while providing your employees with better benefit-related support services, without committing the time and energy of in-house staff.


Benefit programs are regulated on national and local levels. We keep our clients informed about emerging legislation and regulatory changes, reviewing plan documents, bringing programs into compliance, and filing necessary forms.